Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I need To leave for a while
Then come back and find everything
clean as a white paper

they have destroyed the land
And ill never forgive them
me, yes, a patriotic person
who is attached to her country

And I feel sorry for their immature brain

tren treeeeeeen: Hello Sukleen?
... Oh, dear, you have an enormous job to do !!

and that's what's count


Blogger FaiLaSooF said...

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9:16 AM  
Blogger FaiLaSooF said...

Believe you are NOT the only one whishing this....

But one thing I KNOW about Liban; "People come and go, and only Liban remains".

we are living a very stressful times, but then if we are NOT ready to suffer for Liban, then we aint even worth living in it.

I keep saying to myself: "This is the tax we have to pay because we love Liban, we have to bear the unbearable".......

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya benteh 3/4 of Lebanese left 3a bena temporarily until everything becomes "clean as a white paper".
I've been away for 20 years (minus 3 months), because the family wanted to "leave for a while", and that "white paper" never made it all the way. Aktar shi shefet blanc-sale (off white) this past April/May ('06)... there was hope.. bass now...

Nassi7a, feel sorry for them add ma baddik, we all do, bass stay. W keep calling Sukleen, they might be able to provide that white paper after all, unless they only work with blue, then, well... anyways... don't leave... it hurts too much to be away, sadd2ineh :\

3:10 PM  
Anonymous SAMKO said...

Come over ;)

12:15 AM  

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