Sunday, January 21, 2007

My finals

I think you have an idea about what's happening to me lately.

It's almost the end of the semester thus i'm preparing myself merely to the exams.

But you know something, when you reach the end of your studies and start to think seriously about the next day, you become aware that you'll leave the university, your friends and the atmosphere there. Therefore, you will feel sorrow or a slight pain.

Eventhough i don't see myself attached to all of that, I'm counting the days to finish and start a full time career.You know, waking up early in the morning, having a shower, grabing some food and running to work. But there, ill be counting hours to reach home and relax freely.

This is always happening to me. Whenever i'm out, a thick fabric holds my desirs and rages me to go back. Indeed, I rest in my sweet home after throwing the burden of the day in a large huge garbage.

I like to sleep early- like chickens, as my friends repeat-and wake up as a champion the very next morning.

Certainly, I worship life.

Productivity, efficiency and credabilty are three capital qualities which i have been attached to in the past years, and trust me, establishing a bond with them is highly working and making my life much easier...

Now, i shall stop writing and go back to.. umm.. u know what... review the pictures above !


Blogger Eve said...

hey! what are you doing here. go back to your studies or ill tell your big sister ;)

12:03 PM  

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