Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Libanaise..Mais quand?

Je n'ai fait qu'attendre le lendemain,
que compter les journées matinales et les soleils rayonnantes
je n'ai fait que salir une douleur quelconque et de nettoyer une beauté suprême, qui ne résistait sauf au charme des malvoyants.

Cessez de construire un palais de sable, peut- être personne ne rentrera.
Je me rentiendrais, je n'enfuirai, je me casserais comme une vitrine calme, une mélodie oubliée, devant les passagers du trottoire.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Whenever I reach a point where I think I've won, there's something that hold me still, and tell me to be patient a little bit.

There's absolutely no doubt I am far from posting right now, but it doesn't mean I've tossed away my believes in writing. Indeed, no human being can stay without revealing. He certainly hides certain capacities which stimulate him all over the year and invite him to destroy the aspects of remaining silence..

I gave the people this look, thereby I felt powerless toward their arrogance. I can't swing between their trees; I can't pretend to accept a membership in their club when the very thin, fragile glasses are breaking and falling miserably on the floor.

My happiness is my uniqueness. My mystery is my privilege. And my castle is far, yet gold and beautiful...Hence I would like to come back if you don't mind..